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Re: Running webalizer on rotated log files

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  • enventa2000
    ... I ... at ... webalizer ... and ... statistics? ... more ... This was in a recent message. I copy/paste the text for you: Bad
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 23, 2004
      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, Ivo Marino <eim@w...> wrote:
      > Hello mailing list,
      > I am currently planing how to generate valid and time accurate web
      > statistics for around 80 different virtual hosts which I host on a
      > single server.
      > Until now I generated all the web statistics, via script, for this
      > virtual hosts around 23:45 at night in order to complete all the
      > statistics generation tasks around 00:00. The log files will be
      > rotated once a week.
      > The problem is that this kind of solution is not really accurate so
      > was considering to rotate all the log files of this 80 virtual hosts
      > 00:00 or 23:45 at night, every day, via logrotate and then run
      > on this rotated log files.
      > Anyone has some experience on running webalizer on rotated log files
      > furthermore is this a good solution to generate all this web
      > Thanks for feedback, pointers and ideas regarding this topic.
      > Best regards,
      > I.
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      This was in a recent message. I copy/paste the text for you:

      Bad suggestion.. you should _never_ run the webalizer against the
      live log if you are using incremental mode (which you must use if
      you are rotating once a day). When you use incremental mode, you
      should always process the _rotated_ log. The README file contains
      an example that can be used on small/medium sized sites. You can
      also use a -USR1 signal to rotate your logs if you can't stand a
      couple seconds of downtime on your server to rotate the logs.

      Seeing this, I suggest running logrotate at 23:45 and then webalizer.

      Days ago, I rotated at 4:00, and webalizer would always show a very
      worrying descense in the number of visits for today. I would look at
      the graph at 12:00, see that there were only three visits, and panic
      until I noticed the mistake. Most customers of yours will surely also
      make the same or worse, so be _sure_ you don't rotate after 00:00.
      Once you rotate correctly, running webalizer over the rotated logs
      should give no nasty surprises.

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