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Re: [webalizer] Webalizer enhancement project

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  • Stephan Giesler
    Hi Fabien, I also think this is a great idea. To me it looks like the Webalizer has been written for IT specialists giving a heap of info that s very useful
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 5, 2003
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      Hi Fabien,

      I also think this is a great idea. To me it looks like the Webalizer has
      been written for IT specialists giving a heap of info that's very useful
      for them (Brad even says so in some docu) but it would be really cool to
      add information required by the marketing dept. And yes, I know this is
      a difficult term in a techie list, sorry ;-)

      My favourites in order to achieve this orientation are for example:

      - CSS support (maybe after some time even some standard stylesheets will
      be available, like themes)

      - just plain graphics, nothing like 3D effects, borders, shadows etc. I
      attach a screenshot of a counter we once realized but then had to
      abandon it since it was written in pl and killed off every server :( I
      thought the design was nice & clean.

      - being able to select which data to show (only pages and visits are
      really needed for marketing purposes - Kbytes, hits, files not.)

      - time spent per page (we resolved this as being the time between
      request for one page and the next; the last page was left out from the
      calculation of the average since obiously there was no "next page"-data.
      When calculating the total time for a page, the average was assumed for
      the last visit, too.)

      Well, just a few ideas; I'd be glad if you (and the agency you're
      working for) find them useful.


      Fabien Chevalier - 8/4/2003 02:51:

      > Hi Webalizer users,
      > Im a a student working on The Webalizer with a web-agency named 'Juliana
      > Multimedia'.
      > I intend to add new features to The Webalizer during the next 6 month.
      > The goal is to be able to use The Webalizer not only as a web server
      > statistics tool, but also as a web site statistics tool, as well as to
      > improve its UI.
      > As attachment is a list of the features i intend to code.
      > If you are interested, you can let me know what you think of it... and
      > even better, let me know about
      > what you would like to get The Webalizer improved. It may have its
      > place in this wishlist.
      > Cheers,
      > Fabien.
      > fabien (a) juliana-multimedia (dot) com
      > PS:
      > Bradford, it seems the e-mail i try to send to you are lost...
      > I would like your own opinion on these possible enhancements.
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