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Importing old Webalizer logs

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  • David J. Duffner
    Greetings, I ran through the archives as best as possible, but still haven t found a solution to this: We ve recently moved from older Cobalt RaQ systems where
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003

      I ran through the archives as best as possible,
      but still haven't found a solution to this:

      We've recently moved from older Cobalt RaQ systems
      where I'd installed Webalizer 2.10.XX and had everything
      running smoothly. A security breach last December caused
      old logs in storage not to be able to import into the
      new configuration. Never finding an answer back then,
      it was just shelved and we've built up new history since
      that point.

      Now comes today. We've upgraded everything from
      the RaQ's to new Ensim Pro boxes and I have all of the
      2003 Webalizer data that I'd like to put back into each
      domain. Ensim handles things a bit differently since
      Webalizer's packed inside as a default, but I believe
      this is possible.

      How do you import old data from Webalizer into
      the new currently-running version? They're both the
      same build, logfile formats should be the same. I know
      it might be as simple as dropping those remanufactured
      files into the webalizer directories, but then two issues
      come to mind:

      #1: Will the Webalizer html screen pick up the
      fact that older generated results exist and combine
      them into the new html main display page for reference?

      #2: Since the switch was mid-month, how will it
      combine the first half of one month's results from the
      old server's info with the new half of the month from
      the current setup?

      Any information or suggestions greatly appreciated!

      David J. Duffner
      VP Operations
      NWC Corporation

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