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Re: HELP?!? Any way to filter this out??

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  • themightyjobu
    Gotcha... Thanks!! - John
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 22, 2003
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      Gotcha... Thanks!!

      - John

      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, "Bradford L. Barrett" <brad@m...>
      > > Might be something nice to have in a future release. Perhaps the
      > > option of grouping by first three numbers in the IP address and
      > > ignoring the subnet... Just a thought...
      > You can do that now on a per IP basis by manually putting the
      > proper GroupSite and HideSite direcives in your config file..
      > On a global basis would be more difficult and cause valid IPs
      > within the same subnet to incorrectly be grouped as well.
      > This is just something that you have to live with and one of
      > the reasons the documentation states that the visits count is
      > not to be considered completely accurate. Welcome to the wonderful
      > world of the http protocol and the various ways people can be
      > connected to the network.
      > --
      > Bradford L. Barrett brad@m...
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      > know that if you were to throw it in a room with truth, you'd
      > risk a matter/anti-matter explosion? -- Nicholas Petreley IDG
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