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mod_vhost_alias logfiles and webalizer on win2k

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    Hi. I m using apache2 on windows2000 and I ve using the mod_vhost_alias feature with Dynamically configured mass virtual hosting . It says in part (here
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2003

      I'm using apache2 on windows2000 and I've using the mod_vhost_alias feature
      with "Dynamically configured mass virtual hosting".

      It says in part (here

      "The main disadvantage is that you cannot have a different log file for each
      virtual host; however if you have very many virtual hosts then doing this is
      dubious anyway because it eats file descriptors. It is better to log to a
      pipe or a fifo and arrange for the process at the other end to distribute
      the logs to the customers (it can also accumulate statistics, etc.)."

      Now I realy love how I that mod works but now I would like to use webalizer
      and process the access log into domain specific subfolders for my hosted

      So is there a tool out (for windows) there that will split the one
      access_log into the various logfiles for each of their domains and then I
      can use webalizer to process them?

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