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Re: Webalizer Mixing Logs

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  • jeffalerta
    I think I was able to track down what was causing the DNS Cache error: I had enabled the CustomLog logs/access_log combined in the main httpd.conf file for
    Message 1 of 7 , Jun 18, 2003
      I think I was able to track down what was causing the DNS Cache error:

      I had enabled the "CustomLog logs/access_log combined" in the main
      httpd.conf file for the server.

      I have just disabled it again and I will wait to see what happens
      tonight after crontab runs.

      Thanks for the responses. They helped me to re-examine everything
      that I did that might have caused the problematic behaviour.


      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, "Bradford L. Barrett" <brad@m...>
      > > As to the truncating oversized referrer fields, do you know how to
      > > locate the specific line that it is occuring on in a log file?
      > >
      > > All the docs that I have seen show the error message about this
      > > giving the line number in the log file, but I have not been
      > > anything like that in my error messages. Just a plain "truncating
      > > oversized referrer field". Nothing else.
      > The location is not specified because it's not an error.. just a
      > and can be safely ignored.
      > > Also, what is with the "Unable to lock DNS Cache file" error? I
      > > disabled DNS Caching in all the domains, but Webalizer still
      seems to
      > > be attempting to use the DNS Cache file.
      > Means just what it says.. it can't lock the file. It also means
      > you obviously haven't disabled all dns lookups, as otherwise it
      > not even bother trying to get to the cache file.
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