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Re: modifying webalizer.conf on a brainless host

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  • rtw_travel
    I couldn t get any joy from my shared host either, so I just installed a new copy of webalizer in my directory on the shared server. Then I created my own conf
    Message 1 of 3 , May 8, 2003
      I couldn't get any joy from my shared host either, so I just
      installed a new copy of webalizer in my directory on the shared
      server. Then I created my own conf file that is used solely by my
      webalizer copy. The reports are generated every hour by cron since
      the host couldn't tell me when they rotated my web log.

      I now have a customized webalizer report with exactly what I want. I
      also have a second report that is still being generated by the
      host...except I don't look at it any more.

      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, "Bradford L. Barrett" <brad@m...>
      > First off, there is no requirement for a 'webalizer.conf' file..
      > with multiple virtual sites, there should _not_ be a webalizer.conf
      > you really know what you are doing. Typically, it should be named
      > the hostname it is for (ie: mydomain.conf) and called using the -c
      > on the command line.
      > Secondly, if you have no idea how the webalizer is run or where it's
      > getting it's configuration information from, and your provider can't
      > give you that information either, then you are pretty much out of
      > Finally, if you have shell access, you might be able to run manually
      > without having to wait for cron. Please read the documentation that
      > is provided with the program. The first paragraph or two defines
      > exact order of processing and what gets looked at first, etc..
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      > On Wed, 7 May 2003, botbait baker wrote:
      > > Hi folks... I have a couple clients on a shared-server host that
      > > webalizer pre-installed. Very nice except that they seem to have
      > > something odd with the .conf file such that webalizer reports are
      > > showing me all the .gif, .jpg hits in the "top url" listings.
      > >
      > > The host helpdesk doesnt seem to know much about webalizer, and
      > > even tell me if there is a /etc/webalizer.conf , or for certain
      > > I should attempt to put one in MY domain area to attempt to tweak
      > > reports. I dont have root access on the shared host, so I'm kinda
      > > shooting in the dark.
      > >
      > > My question to ya'll is: where would the most likely place for me
      > > put my webalizer.conf where it will get seen?
      > > they have things set so that my reports are generated in
      > > /tmp/webalizer/ in "my" domain area. I tried putting a
      > > in there with the standard HideURL setting for .gif, .jpg, but it
      > > not seem to get looked at last night because I still have them in
      > > reports. Also, as far as I know, there is no way for me to force
      > > webalizer to run at any other time than the once a night cron, so
      > > changes I make have to wait overnight to see what happens.
      > >
      > > Lastly, I am wondering if I have a webalizer.conf somewhere it
      > > finally get looked at, and I have a couple settings set, does
      > > webalizer ALSO read whatever values they may have set in
      > > /etc/webalizer or some system-wide conf file? If so, whose values
      > > precedence?
      > >
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