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Re: [webalizer] Old stats are lost/reduced each day

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  • Bradford L. Barrett
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    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 6, 2003
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      On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, dumorian wrote:

      > I replaced a redhat linux webserver with a new machine. I moved lots
      > of
      > files to the new server, but did not move anything from /usr regarding
      > Webalizer.
      > I use the following cron for each vhost on the machine with slightly
      > different times set for each.
      > 50 23 * * * /usr/bin/webalizer -n rockbridgeweekly.com -r
      > rockbridgeweekly.com -R 50 -o /home/rweekly/htdocs/usage/
      > /home/rweekly/logs/access_log
      > Webilizer is properly writing to this /usage directory. However, since
      > the machine change, only the data for the current day seems to be
      > proper. The previous day is cut by about half and other days in the
      > month are either not showing any data or have only a tiny amount left
      > in
      > them. This can be seen at http://rockbridgeweekly.com/usage
      > I first was using the old webalizer files for each user, which were
      > moved from the old server and after that didn't work, I deleted all
      > those files, in the individual /usage directories, to try to reset the
      > history and such.
      > I did move my /etc/webalizer.conf file from the old server. Both
      > machines are running the same version of Redhat and both are patched
      > to
      > the same level and have the same version of Webalizer on them.
      > There must be some file somewhere which is holding some old data which
      > needs to be deleted or reset? Help would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks,
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