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RE: [webalizer] IIS 5.0

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  • Jean-Noel HAYART
    Actually webalizer can read only thoses fileds in log : date , time , c-ip , cs-username , cs-uri-stem , sc-status , sc-bytes , cs(User-Agent) ,
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 18 12:18 AM
      Actually webalizer can read only thoses fileds in log :

      "date", "time", "c-ip",
      "cs-username", "cs-uri-stem", "sc-status",
      "sc-bytes", "cs(User-Agent)", "cs(Referer)"

      thoses fields can produce complete report from original webalizer.

      but in default IIS4 or IIS5 don't have all this fields you need select it.


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      Which options can I enable in my NT IIS 5.0-Log-options?
      Normaly, the log doesn't include information about referer, when I enable
      this option, webalizer can visualize this Information.

      There are many other information, like CPU-Time, costs and so on.
      Which options (see Logoptions / extended, in german "erweitert") should, can
      or can't enable?


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