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Re: [webalizer] Will Webalyzer work an a Win 200k server?

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  • Waitman C. Gobble
    Hello The Windows distribution would run as a single executable file, you wouldn t really have to do an install on the server. you would just have to get the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 13, 2002

      The Windows distribution would run as a single executable file, you
      wouldn't really have to do an "install" on the server. you would just
      have to get the exe file and your config file uploaded and talk your
      hostmaster into running it from the task scheduler or AT on a daily

      However, if your hostmaster won't let you run custom cgi's then they may
      not entertain the idea of running webalizer on the server.

      The alternative would be to download your log files, run it on your
      computer, and upload the resultant reports back to the server.

      Actually, if you used something like webdrive (webdrive.com) to remote
      connect through ftp, you could likely run this on a schedule from your
      own machine.

      Anyhow, if you need any help feel free to contact me. I am an Eagle
      Scout and don't mind lending a hand.


      Waitman Gobble
      EMK Design
      Buena Park California

      On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 09:29, John D. Van Griethuysen, N2BNE wrote:
      I am the unpaid webmaster for our Boy Scout Troop's website.
      Last year we moved from a Unix server to a Win 2000 system.
      The Webalyzer we used to use obviously no longer works on our new site

      I just found the link that lead me to this site
      I see there is a Webalizer for windows 9x/ME/NT/2k link on a
      Webalizer users group listing so I have to assume
      that some of you have installed it and used on Win2K systems.

      Before I go and try to install it on our site,
      What kind of grief am I going to be looking at?

      I am looking for a detailed "How to Install" file or a help file,
      Is there one available?

      The Sysop of our Host site has pretty much told me I am on
      my own on this venture as we are on the lowest budget plan
      that they have. I did get a note from their "Server Guy' telling me
      they do not currently support customer provided/written CGI scripts.
      They do support VBScript, JavaScript and PerlScript.

      With these restrictions will be able to run Webalizer on our site?

      I look forward to any response,
      Thank you in advance

      --... Best regards, ...--
      John D. Van Griethuysen, N2BNE, NE-V126

      Rochester, NY. 14615

      You Might Be Taking Your Scouting Too Seriously If...
      # 39 ... if the Scouts in your troop chipped in to have you abducted
      by a professional cult de-programmer. ...-.-

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