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  • Marcus Cent
    Hi, I asked a question about a week ago about no stats being shown after I upgraded from V1.3 to V2.01. Now that we re into a new month I can see that
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2002
      I asked a question about a week ago about no stats being shown after I upgraded from V1.3 to V2.01. Now that we're into a new month I can see that Webalizer is no longer working. All my files for September are there but nothing beyond the date that I did the upgrade on my RAQ4.
      I'm new to RAQ's and command-line working but I can see that the cron.daily contains the webalizer.pl script. When I run this via telnet I get;
      Using logfile STDIN ,clf>
      Creating output in current directory
      Hostnem for reports is ns.srbookingengine.co.uk
      History file not found...

      Warning: truncating oversized hostname
      Skipping bad record [xx]
      As the reports were being run for about 100 sites on the server I'm really keen to get it working again. Could a kind person point me in the right direction. Many thanks to Steven for answering for answering last time...but that didn't seem to be the problem..

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