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Re: [webalizer] re-generating stats for certain days

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  • Janine Sisk
    I m running something like (from memory) /usr/local/bin/webalizer -c /etc/webalizer/client.conf -ifd client.log.018 Where client.log.018 is that client s log
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 9, 2002
      I'm running something like (from memory) /usr/local/bin/webalizer -c
      /etc/webalizer/client.conf -ifd client.log.018

      Where client.log.018 is that client's log file from 5/20. That's when I'm
      getting the message about all rows being ignored. But if I look at the
      daily stats listing for that day, it still shows 0.


      On 6/9/02 11:58 PM, "PeterBX" <peter@...> wrote:

      > Maybe I'm reading your message wrong but could you not save a copy of the logs
      > in question as the name shown in your webalizer.conf file and then run
      > them?...or vice versa by changing the webalizer.conf file to use the new log
      > file names for this run?
      > I'm probably missing something in your question but that would be where I
      > would start.
      > Hope this helps..
      > CorbinB2
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      > From: janinesisk
      > To: webalizer@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sunday, June 09, 2002 9:53 PM
      > Subject: [webalizer] re-generating stats for certain days
      > I wasn't the one who set up our webalizer installation, so I didn't
      > know that I was committing a horrendous sin when I decided to change
      > the naming convention for our access log files. From 5/20 to 6/8, no
      > logs got processed because the file wasn't found. However, I've tried
      > every way I can think of to re-run these days, and it doesn't work! I
      > finally ended up with -i (ignore history), -f (something about
      > allowing dates out of order) and -d (debug) but the results are always
      > the same; it processes the file and then says it's ignoring all the
      > records.
      > Is there any way of re-running those days, short of nuking the history
      > file and re-generating *everything*?
      > thanks,
      > janine
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      Janine Sisk
      furfly.net, LLC
      Mont Vernon, NH
      Phone: 603-672-1122
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