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Re: [webalizer] daily reports

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  • Vinai Kopp
    The more I ponder about it, the more sense it seams to make to me to go the database way - a couple of php or perl cgi s can t be that difficult to retrieve
    Message 1 of 10 , Mar 21, 2002
      The more I ponder about it, the more sense it seams to make to me to go the
      database way - a couple of php or perl cgi's can't be that difficult to
      retrieve exactly the data you want and generate the graphs dynamically.
      Did you try to google for something? I think someone must have allready
      built that kind of frontend for webalizer/mysql.

      I really don't need that kind of detailed stats, but if nothing can be
      found it sounds like a fun thing to do with a good idea of whats wanted.

      Alejandro, why did you switch from analog?
      I was thinking of switching to to it :)



      --On Donnerstag, März 21, 2002 14:28:20 +0100 Alejandro Fernandez
      <ale@...> wrote:

      > Hi,
      > My wild dream is to be able to give people weekly, monthly, daily and
      > yearly reports. So they could have some throwaway daily reports, that get
      > deleted after a few days, a couple of months of old weekly reports, and
      > the past yearly report, which due to webalizer's current report format,
      > would already include detailed reports for each month so far...
      > The reason I asked is that I've used analog before, which comes with
      > "FROM" and "TO" parameters... you just feed it what you want, but set
      > FROM=190302:0000 and TO=200302:0000 and it'll only parse those lines.
      > Otherwise, the problem is logfile size, splitting it right at midnight
      > (when the logfiles might come from a live server some time after the old
      > logs rotate, ie, at 5am each day), and as you say, being able to do all
      > these reports together. One thing I might need to do to save myself
      > having to keep humungous amounts of logs on the stats server would be
      > clever trickery with webalizer's incremental "-p" feature...
      > Another bother is that for each daily report, poor users will (very
      > slowly) get RSI from each day having to click into the
      > "usage_200202.html" or whatever... ...I suppose a bash script can solve
      > that, but it would be nice to be able to turn the usage summary page
      > off...
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