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99New release of webalizer for Win32

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  • jnhayart@nordnet.fr
    Oct 30, 2000
      i post this morning a new release of Webalizer 2.01.06,
      i've include in :

      - read directly log of IIS 4.0 (standard and W3C) and of IIS5.0
      (W3C), based on first character of log name.
      - can read a folder of log.
      - rename a file after finish processing (with incremental)
      - can read a file with list of Server for massive production of log,
      in multihomed configuration.
      - new conf variable for time to live in DNS database, now you can
      cache Bad DNS resolution, for increase speed if you start webalizer
      each day or more.

      you can download it from :
      - www.medasys-lille.com/webalizer/Webalizer2.01.06.R01.zip
      only in english for moment, but you have just to ask me if you want
      an other language.

      Thanks for Klauss for help me work on this port.
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