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694Re: Can I disable Webalizer on a site? Frontpage Probs.

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  • jared_at_prime@yahoo.com
    Dec 4, 2001
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      Making it a sub web is not going to help the situation, because
      everytime webalizer runs, it generates the reports as the root user
      or a user that you are not, which is why you are getting these errors.
      You should contact the system administrator of the server that you
      are on and have them make the following entry for your stats
      chown -Rf username.usergroup /path/to/your/stats/*
      They should also make sure that the directory that the reports are
      being written to is owned by you.
      The entry that I make at my company for any stats program that is
      generating reports for a site that is utilizing Front Page, is the
      /usr/local/bin/webalizer -c /path/to/your/configuration.file
      chown -Rf username.usergroup /path/to/your/stats/*
      The first line will generate your stats, then the second line will
      change the ownership on the reports that are generated. This will
      solve your issues with publishing via frontpage.

      --- In webalizer@y..., uk2@t... wrote:
      > I'm using a Linux server, permissions different. It won't create a
      > subweb for me d/t "the server can't change
      > permissions...blah.blah.blah note I get when I try to convert. If I
      > create a subweb called ~stats, can I move the files from my default
      > stats folder to the new one, & do you think stats will still work,
      > or will I get error messages? Just wondering.
      > Thanks again...Phil
      > --- In webalizer@y..., "Bradford L. Barrett" <brad@m...> wrote:
      > >
      > > > I'm tired of playing the game with Frontpage updates, having to
      > > > frequently edit files via SSH when webalizer updates.
      > >
      > > Found in a USENet posting:
      > >
      > > -> Open the remote site in FP and right click on the folder
      > > -> the stats and convert to a subweb.
      > >
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