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692Re: Can I disable Webalizer on a site? Frontpage Probs.

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  • uk2@themonkees.com
    Dec 4, 2001
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      I'm using a Linux server, permissions different. It won't create a
      subweb for me d/t "the server can't change
      permissions...blah.blah.blah note I get when I try to convert. If I
      create a subweb called ~stats, can I move the files from my default
      stats folder to the new one, & do you think stats will still work,
      or will I get error messages? Just wondering.

      Thanks again...Phil
      --- In webalizer@y..., "Bradford L. Barrett" <brad@m...> wrote:
      > > I'm tired of playing the game with Frontpage updates, having to
      > > frequently edit files via SSH when webalizer updates.
      > Found in a USENet posting:
      > -> Open the remote site in FP and right click on the folder holding
      > -> the stats and convert to a subweb.
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