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527RE: [webalizer] Problem using stdin on Solaris 8

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  • Klaus Mueller
    Oct 2, 2001
      > # /usr/local/bin/webalizer < ShortTest.log
      > Webalizer V2.01-06 (SunOS 5.8) English
      > Using logfile STDIN (clf)
      > DNS Lookup (30): 10 addresses in 0.13 seconds

      1. Can you try:
      cat ShortTest.log| /usr/local/bin/webalizer -

      I have no unix box to test this.

      2. What happens if you disable the DNS cache?
      Reason: The webalizer parses the log file two times if DNS lookup is
      enabled. Webalizer calls itself as webazolver (?) and use pipes to process
      the DNS lookup. The log creation is a second step. The second step my fail
      if running from command line because the input pipe is readed but no log
      entries for further processing exists. This is an assumption only.

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