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3831Webalizer only display visitor of one week

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  • andre1972nrw
    Dec 29, 2012

      I'm a newbie with webalizer (alnd apache2 at all) and need to config it for usage with different domains.
      I found a helpful thread in the net and did the fellowing steps:
      1. in site config change name that every domain get it's own logfile, e.g. domain1.log
      2. copy webalizer config for every domain
      3. change hostname in webalizer config for every domain
      4. in webalizer config set LogFile to /var/log/apache2/domain1.log.1
      5. set OutputDir /var/www/webalizer/domain1

      this worked fine for some days but than statistic restarts and old data are lost.

      Can somebody help please what's wrong here and how to fix?