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3819Re: [webalizer] Re: Old logs won't process

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  • Bradford L. Barrett
    Feb 10 3:24 PM
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      > I'm sorry to say I only have the logs going back to January 5th. Is
      > there any way to process the logs I have for January 24-30 without
      > removing all data from January?

      Then I guess you are pretty much SOL. You could _possibly_ get it to
      work by hand editing the incremental data file, but that is not for
      the faint of heart! That file contains the timestamp of what the
      program 'thinks' was the last log entry processed. You would need
      to change that timestamp to something prior to January 24th, process
      your January 24-30th logs, then change the timestamp back to what it
      was previously. This assumes that you have already processed January
      31st. Whatever you do, make sure you backup your current stats just
      in case (more likely than not) you hose them in the process :)

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