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3795creating webstats from different logfiles/host

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  • rupertttt
    Aug 9, 2011

      i need to create some statistics for the past 6 Months.
      I have a bunch of apache accesslogs which are namen like
      access_log-20110110, access_log-20110111 and so on.

      How can I geht webalizer to process all these files and create stats for the months?

      I tried different configfile where each has one logfile in it,
      but it created onyl the august stats.
      than I try to run on commandlince with the -p option and i also only got august.

      than I joined all my logfiles with the logfilemerger from the readme, but i still only got august.

      I already spent hours on this.
      What is the proper way to analyse multiple logfiles?