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3785Re: [webalizer] URIs showing up in stats that are not in the log

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  • David Siefert
    Nov 10, 2010
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      The redirect rule is in effect.  I cannot find references to the incorrect URI anywhere in the logs that webalizer reports on.
      For instance, the invalid uri "/help-me" cannot be found in access.log.2010-11-01, but can be found in access.log.2010-10-31.  Webalizer still reports in November that the "/help-me" URI was a top-URL, but should only show up in the October reports.


      On Wed, Nov 10, 2010 at 3:59 PM, Charles <ccs@...> wrote:

      Hello David;
      You didn't say *where* you put the redirect rule -- if placed in one of Apache's .conf files (I have "httpd.conf" plus "vhost_xxx.conf" for all of my vhost) you need to restart Apache for it to take effect.
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