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  • waldo kitty
    Feb 24, 2010
      On 2/24/2010 18:26, rob@... wrote:
      > So many of these visitors could be bots?

      dunno without looking at your logs and running your traffic thru an IDS/IPS...
      they could be, but also may not be... this statement does not mean that i'm
      willing to analyze your logs of traffic, though... that comes at a price ;)

      > The Webalzer visitor number is over 3x that of GA

      see my previous where i stated that many folk specifically block GA and so do
      not get counted...

      FWIW: i use awstats and webalizer and both are slightly different with their
      numbers... it all depends on what you want counted and what you term as a
      "visit"... remember, someone can come by now and then 10 minutes later come by
      again... depending on your timeout setting in webalizer, this might be counted
      as two visits or could be counted as one if their return was within the set
      webalizer timeout period (timeout is not what it is called, though)...

      > Thanks.
      > Quoting waldo kitty :
      > On 2/24/2010 16:50, RobertS wrote:
      > > I have Google Analytics and the numbers are very different from
      > the Webalized stats, much lower.
      > > Is there a reason?
      > sure there's a reason... different things are being counted :P ;)
      > then you have folks, like myself, who block google-analytics via
      > noscript and
      > similar browser addons... with it being blocked, you won't count us
      > at all...
      > since webalizer runs directly on your server's logs, we cannot avoid
      > being
      > counted that way :)
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