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3740Re: Ram-Usage of webalizer

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  • wstumper
    Mar 20, 2009
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      Since the server generating the large log files is running Apache, have you done anything to decrease log file size? Such as:

      SetEnvIfNoCase Request_URI "\.(gif)|(png)|(css)|(js)|(ico)|(jpg)|(pl)|(cgi)|(rdx)|(cgi)$" nolog
      CustomLog d:/logs/creation.log combined env=!nolog

      There may be many other types of files you don't need. Let Apache clean up the files rather than Webalizer. This might help a bit.

      For future reference you may want to consider a 'fork' of Webalizer by Stone Steps: http://www.stonesteps.ca/projects/webalizer/


      Stone Steps Webalizer running with a minimum set of group/hide filters, enabled GeoIP and disabled DNS resolver on a 3GHz Core 2 ™ Quad with 4GB of RAM can process 122161 log records per second. Adding dozens of filters, using robot processing and user agent name mangling will reduce processing speed to about 80000 records per second on the same system.


      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, "hansmeiserweb" <hansmeiserweb@...> wrote:
      > thats the point. how? i did not find fitting options...
      > > physical RAM space would also be a good and likely the best solution...
      > may be, but i can not sell this to this costumer... not for this reason...
      > hmm, need further suggestions. ;)
      > Thanks,
      > Hans
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