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  • keith.wolters@pnc.com
    Aug 25, 2008
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      I have not been working with webalizer for long, having inherited it from a predecessor. As a result I also don't know how much of what he gave me is standard webalizer of his homeade scripts. This, hower is puzzling me. The first message seems (to me) to indicate a successful webalizer run and yet the second one seems to indicate failure. When I look at my webpage which shows daily hits the numbers look the same after as they did before.

      08/22/08 17:48:00 (PID: 9379) Webalizer successfully analyzed ssl_onlinebanking.
      08/22/08 17:48:00 (PID: 9379) No Webalizer output files in /var/local/webreports
      /sitespec/RCB/WBB/ssl_onlinebanking.pnc.com/ - /www/webhosting.pncbank.com/docs/
      reports/RCB/WBB/ssl_onlinebanking.pnc.com/ not updated
      08/22/08 17:50:02 (PID: 9379) ssl_onlinebanking.pnc.com1: updating /logs/RCB/WBB
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