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3667Re: [webalizer] multiple logs for one website - how

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  • Bradford L. Barrett
    Jul 13 8:08 AM
      > I just replaced my web server with a new one and I copied the web
      > files to my new host web server. I copied the "usage" directory
      > hoping to have the same stats but I found out that I only get the
      > stats on the new host for the time that the new host has been up.

      Sounds like 1) either you didn't copy your old stats to the proper
      place or 2) you didn't copy your old history file over.

      > The old server is still accessible only by me and I can see all of
      > the old stats.
      > How can I recover the stats that I have on the old host web server?

      Make sure both are setup properly, and verify where your new server is
      puting the stats and history file. Once you know that, it's just a
      matter of putting the old data in the new location(s) and your server
      should just pick up from where the old one left off.

      Bradford L. Barrett brad at mrunix dot net
      A free electron in a sea of neutrons DoD#1750 KD4NAW

      The only thing Micro$oft has done for society, is make people
      believe that computers are inherently unreliable.
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