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  • John Oliver
    Feb 19, 2008
      I just had a problem with webalizer running, but not
      generating any output. I fixed that be renaming
      /etc/webalizer.conf Apparently, when
      /etc/webalizer.conf exists, webalizer reads and tries
      to use it even when you specify your own conf file
      with -c

      Hope that helps!

      --- flying_mike <flying_mike@...> wrote:

      > Hey there,
      > I am a newbie to webalizer, and I couldn't solve
      > this problem (I
      > really tried to and read the manual).
      > For some reason the cronjob that starts the
      > webalizer on the server
      > didn't run for a while and now I have no statistics
      > for that time (for
      > about a month). I have the logfiles though but
      > couldn't get the
      > webalizer to create the statistics only for a
      > certain logfile from the
      > past (like from the 15th of January for example).
      > Here's what I tried:
      > ../etc# webalizer -c webalizer.rb.conf
      > rb.access.log
      > (the rb.access.log is from a certain day from that
      > period where the
      > webalizer didn't run).
      > I also tried to run it with -f (FoldSeqErr) and -i
      > (Igonre History
      > File) but both didn't work. Even though the
      > webalizer brings no errors
      > or so, the output just won't bring me back the days
      > that I am missing :(
      > I hope someone can help me with that :(
      > Mike
      > Webalizer homepage: http://www.webalizer.org
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