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3622Re: [webalizer] Recompiled Versions

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  • Steve Bryant
    Apr 22, 2007
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      Sorry I'm new to Webalizer and I'm trying to find out what exactly Visits etc really mean.  Ant suggestions as to where I could look please?





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      From: Stephen Block <steve@...>
      To: webalizer@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, 22 April, 2007 7:40:52 PM
      Subject: Re: [webalizer] Recompiled Versions

      Stephen Block wrote:

      > Stephen Block wrote:
      >> Ages ago I set webalizer up to run and with help I recompiled it to
      >> expand the MAXAGENT field. Since then the server has crashed and the
      >> instructions I used to recompile no longer seem to work, they appear to
      >> disable the dns. Has anyone got a recompiled version of webalizer they
      >> care to share, or any tips on how to go ahead with this?
      > Ah, curious. I've solved the dns problem, I had to point it to the lib,
      > but it still doesn't seem to be recognising Firefox. Any ideas?

      Blimey, don't all rush at once. I sorted this one out too. Forgot to
      set up the mangle agents correctly. Is everyone here running webalizer
      or is anyone running one of the sequels? I'm having a look at Webalizer
      Xtended (RB17) at the minute, although I haven't worked out how to
      configure the geolizer bit as yet. Anyone know how to tweak the 404
      reports there, maybe?

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