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  • waldo kitty
    Mar 13, 2007
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      brad_2255 wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > i use webalizer for my web page's statistics.
      > I have some doubt, hope you can help:
      > 1- the detailed monthly report can only be seen for each single month
      > or it can be seen also on a whole year period?

      there's a overview that covers the last 12 months... once you choose a month to view, everything is for just that one
      month until you go back to the overview and choose another month...

      note: the overview page only shows the current and last 11 months... however, all the files for past months older than
      that are still on the machine unless you are purging them off somehow... this means that you can create another page
      that can allow you access to all past months' data that is older than a year...

      > 2- in the referrers section what does "direct request" mean?

      they typed the url in the address bar instead of clicking on it somewhere...

      > 3- in the country section what does "Network" mean?


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