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3591Re: [webalizer] Visits/day measurement tool

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  • Vasiliy Boulytchev
    Jan 21, 2007
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      I am very suprised to hear that the hosting companies you have mentioned
      provide tools such as webalizer... Yet again, why not...

      Most of us in the field analyze our own web server log files with
      software such as awstats, webalizer, or self-crafted statistics software
      which we write to fit our own web applications.

      No web statistics application, which is available to the masses, can
      track the usage of your proprietary shopping cart, take that just as an

      Google also offers some really neat stats tracking software, check them
      out as well.

      The question you have asked is extremely vague, and does not provide us
      with any insight to where to start looking at your problem. I doubt your
      hosting company would provide your web server logs for you, so there is
      little way to verify the information given.

      Write back if you have questions.

      Karen Ajluni wrote:
      > Hello webalizer group,
      > I just moved our organization’s website over to Network Solutions from
      > Earthlink a few months ago. Network Solutions uses the webalizer tool,
      > whereas Earthlink has their own “Urchin Reports.” After moving over
      > our site, the web tool showed the average number of “visits per day”
      > to our site at about 350. Prior to the move, when using Earthlink’s
      > tool, the number of “visitors per day” consistently averaged at around
      > 1,000. Has anyone else experienced something like this and can explain
      > the phenomenom? Obviously, it must be something in how the different
      > tools work and count visitors? But, what? I would LOVE to have a
      > somewhat intelligent explanation to give my supervisor!
      > Karen
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