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3568Webalizer stopped webalizing!

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  • John
    Nov 6, 2006
      Machine is Fedora Core 3 with webalizer-2.01_10-25

      [joliver@ns stats]$ webalizer -v
      Webalizer V2.01-10 (Linux 2.6.12-1.1381_FC3) English
      Copyright 1997-2001 by Bradford L. Barrett

      It had been happily creating logs for some time. June 30th is the
      last day I have stats for. The web server is writing logs as always.
      There is plenty of available disk space. When I manually run
      webalizer, it sits there like it's processing everything, but doesn't
      write any files. I even moved my stats directory, created a new one,
      and ran webalizer in a "clean" environment... same problem. Nothing
      gets written. Running it with -d results in no output. Running it
      with -o specifying an output directory (rather than letting results go
      to the current working dir) doesn't help. I had a -Q and removed it,
      and now I get a message "Error: Unable to open DNS cache file

      [joliver@ns stats]$ ls -l /var/lib/webalizer/dns_cache.db
      -rw-r--r-- 1 webalizer root 10522624 Nov 6 14:45

      Googling says that isn't a fatal message, though.

      What else could be stopping webalizer?
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