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3565Adding old site usage stats to Webalizer?

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  • Nick Sayers
    Oct 13, 2006

      I've recently moved a client's site to a new web host. The old site wasn't
      using Webalizer for usage stats, but I still have the old .log file which
      seems to be in the same format.

      Is there a way to get Webaliser to process the old .log and add the results
      to the stats pages on the new host?

      The trouble is, I only have FTP access to the site files, and no access to
      the Webalizer .conf file. So, I could trick it into using the old .log file
      but this would screw up the log file being updated in the meantime.

      I was going to try just dumping the old lines of log into the current one,
      but worried this was a bit crude (eg: I might lose a few lines in-between
      downloading, editing and re-uploading).

      Any suggestions?

      Please CC me any responses.

      I tried reading the Webalizer FAQ, btw, but got a bit lost! :-S




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