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3564hourly graph issues...

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  • Tim Traver
    Oct 12, 2006
      Hi all,

      ok, we are using webalizer, and our apache logs get rotated every 4
      hours, and webalizer gets run on them right after they are rotated.

      What we are seeing is that the hourly graph (and corresponding data) is
      being created with spikes of hits at or near the 4 hour intervals, but
      in between there are very few hits.

      I have checked the format of our log files, and all seems well, and the
      totals seem to match the daily and monthly totals. When looking at the
      log files themselves, the hits are evenly dispersed throughout the log
      file as far as hourly times...

      Is there something that I am doing when running the command that is
      causing this?

      Or maybe is this a bug of the version I have or something?

      Hmmm...while just looking, I can see that in the process of rotating the
      logs, that the file was sorted, so it is not in linear time order. But
      each line still has a proper format. would that make a difference?


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