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3535Webalizer won't work after server migration

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  • vahagn_ave
    Jul 2, 2006

      We have three different domains within our hosting plan. Our server
      provider dosen't separate the log information which means that I have
      to extract the specific domain traffic data and then run webalizer.

      They upgraded the server for a week ago and since that the webalizer
      has gone coocoo.

      Running the cron job

      "cd /home/users/web/b18/domainname/htdocs/stat/; /usr/bin/perl

      results in

      "Unrecognized character \x7F at ./webalizer line 1."

      They have done some changes which means that

      "cd /home/users/web/b18/domainname/htdocs/stat/; ./webalizer"

      result in "permission denied" (which worked fine before).

      I think I got this error "Unrecognized character \x7F at ./webalizer
      line 1." when running wrong OS version of webalizer, but as far as I
      know they haven't changed the OS. And they themselves run webalizer as
      one of the two default statistics tools.

      Thankful for any help since our statistics have been off for over two


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