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3516Re: [webalizer] dbi interface for webalizer ?

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  • Enric Naval
    May 3, 2006
      Hello, Marius:

      This dbi project looks a little green yet. It doesn't still support nor
      mSQL nor Oracle, and it is in beta state. db1 is very old, mature,
      tested, dependable and stable. dbi probably needs a lot more of mileage
      to get most bugs sorted. It may even turn out to be a failed system,
      and get abandoned in a few years.

      Also, I think that the db1 interface is already installed by default on
      all linux distributions (and it's also present in SunOs 5.7., I don't
      know about other Unix, BSD, etc.), while dbi probably is not, and
      should have to be installed.

      So, when installing webalizer, you would need to install also dbi. This
      may be a problem, because some operative system distributions already
      include webalizer and they could refuse to include the new version
      because they don't want to install dbi for some reason.

      Also, such a change would surely require a lot of changes to the code.
      You should give very good reasons to justify it.

      Now, as an apart, and as a general rule of thumb, systems don't get
      implemented just because they're "more portable" or even "better". You
      need to give reasons that appeal to the developers, especially if the
      system already works good enough. This is my experience, at least. I
      didn't want to critizize you, I'm only pointing why your suggerence
      will surely not be accepted, not only in webalizer, but in software
      projects in general.

      --- Marius Popa <jimi_compot@...> wrote:

      > i was thinking if is possible to replace db1 interface
      > with something more portable (to other databases) like
      > dbi for c
      > http://freshmeat.net/projects/libdbi/
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      Enric Naval
      Estudiante de Informática de Gestión en la Udl (Lleida)
      GRIHO webalizer.conf

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