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3509Any way to edit webalizer.current to go back a few days?

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  • Brian Quinn
    Apr 25 8:40 AM
      Is there a way to delete a few days' of data from the Webalizer.current file so i can re-run all the logs from that day till today?  or do i have to just delete the file and run the whole month?

      Also, if i have to run the whole month, what is the easiest way to do that? i have 2 files per day (i rotate at midnight and noon) so they are in chronological order, but i wasn't sure if i can tell Webalizer to read them all like that or not. 

      I've always had them run once a day and never thought much about it, but one of the servers in our farm got replaced and when i did that it didn't run on that log cause my crontab was messed up and now there is a HUGE drop for that day (the 24th)


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