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3460Webalizer overwrites current-files (earlier months missing from index.html)

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  • Gunnar R.
    Feb 5, 2006
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      As the subject says my webalizer has problems generating the index page
      correctly++. We had a server reinstall and upgrade from RedHat 7.2 to Fedora
      Core 4. The webalizer version is the same now as we used before (V2.01-10),
      and all the logs and configuration files are the same as well (upgraded from
      Apache 1.3 to 2.0 though). It reads all the log files just fine, and
      generates the expected reports, but for some reason it doesn't include or
      write to the webalizer.hist files. It also seems it overwrites the
      incremental (current) files. We reinstalled late december, and now it
      includes only a day or two for december in the index-file, but when you
      click december you actually get the full stats. The same goes for january,
      even though it's been generating stats all month. As far as I can see it's
      not a permission problem, cause it deleted and overwrote the current-files
      from before the installation. This goes for all the domains on the server.

      I don't want to delete the log files and the inc-files from the reinstall
      until I've figured this out, but I'm running out of space for log-files.

      Any ideas?


      Gunnar R.