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3432Re: [webalizer] Downloading files from the Webalizer site

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  • Bradford L. Barrett
    Dec 27, 2005
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      > I would like to download the README file from www.mrunix.net/webalizer/.

      Might be a problem since the files are on the ftp server, not the web..

      > When I try, it hangs up the browser.

      Don't use MSIE.. it's very, very broken and unable to follow RFC

      > When I ftp from the command prompt
      > and log in as anonymous, I am prompted for the password, either the
      > connection is closed or I get a partial message ("230- Welcome to our
      > archive. If you have any problems, try using a ) and the connection is
      > finally closed by the remote host.

      Sounds like you have a network problem, perhaps sitting behind a proxy
      or firewall that requires you to use passive ftp. You might want to
      try using a '-p' switch (passive mode) with your command line ftp client.
      The ftp server is working just fine and has been for quite a long while.

      Bradford L. Barrett brad@...
      A free electron in a sea of neutrons DoD#1750 KD4NAW

      The only thing Micro$oft has done for society, is make people
      believe that computers are inherently unreliable.
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