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3357Can't get webalizer to run again...

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  • vahagn_ave
    Oct 6, 2005
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      I moved our site to a new provider and now I can get the webalizer to
      run anymore. I have tried with the forum for the provider, but have
      been able to get any answers there.

      The provider, www.powweb.com, runs webalizer, which I used initially
      after the move, but then I discovered that their configuration is
      quite different and doesn't display as many details as we had before
      and want to.

      On the previous server I had put in a cron job calling a shell script
      "createStat" which simply contained the lines:

      cd /www/username/htdocs/stats/

      But when using this line now the crontab doesn't seem to execute the
      lines, but only print those in the report email sent to me.

      I even tried to follow their instructions given according to their
      page stated in the thread above
      (http://kb.powweb.com/questions/284/Using-Webalizer) but again, the
      crontab runs, but no update is made.

      Anyone who can help me find out why I can get this working?


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