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3301Re: [webalizer] Problems with Truncating oversized referrer

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  • William L. Thomson Jr.
    Jul 29, 2005
      On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 13:32 -0700, Colonel Angel wrote:
      > I'm not sure if it's able to complete the full
      > functionality of what you are wanting or needing to
      > do, but... It does have a file manager included that
      > you can directly edit files on the server.

      I ssh into the box? I have total access to everything. :)

      > While I don't know of anything else such as you are
      > suggesting, at least you could look at it and see if
      > it fits your needs. It's a great way to control the
      > server remotely without TightVNC or another type of
      > oIP program.

      I admin my servers directly no need for Webmin. I run dedicated servers,
      so Webmin is not really practical as it requires apache on all machines.
      None of my servers run X, so there is not GUI to VNC with.

      ssh is perfectly fine no problems there.

      > As far as the binary compiling of Webalizer, you can
      > directly edit the 'webalizer.conf', and keep a backup
      > copy of it so all you have to do is make the necessary
      > changes, then upload it to the directory you have
      > listed for the conf file.

      The problem is I have to increase the buffer size. Gentoo fetches and
      builds everything by source. So if I needed upgrade webalizer I just

      emerge -u webalizer

      or just

      emerge webalizer

      Now I will have to interrupt that process or tweak and package sources
      to allow portage to do it's job with compiling and installing. Not
      impossible but a bit difficult.

      William L. Thomson Jr.
      Support Group
      Obsidian-Studios, Inc.
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