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3299Re: [webalizer] Problems with Truncating oversized referrer

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  • William L. Thomson Jr.
    Jul 29, 2005
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      Well I run Gentoo so I am always installing Webalizer via sources and
      compiling. However making that change is going to be a total pain. I
      wonder if in the future either via the .conf files or command line etc.
      One can adjust that without having to deal with changes in the binary

      Much easier said then done, because I am sure it has everything to do
      with memory allocation and etc. However I do think this will be a
      growing problem for others as well.

      I can hack, fix my install for now. But I think others will be effected
      as well. They just might not know it yet. I run webalizer via cron, and
      the output is emailed to me nightly. I am not sure others monitor
      webalizer like that if at all?

      William L. Thomson Jr.
      Support Group
      Obsidian-Studios, Inc.
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