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3291Re: [webalizer] Problems with Truncating oversized referrer

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  • waldo kitty
    Jul 28, 2005
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      William L. Thomson Jr. wrote:
      > Ok I have a growing problem. One of the sites I host has allot of eBay
      > auctions. I am starting to see urls like this in the logs
      > http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/EP4606-19-16-aluminum-rims-4-Harley-Indian-wheels_W0QQitemZ4560520029QQcategoryZ35557QQrdZ1QQcmd
      > I believe even longer ones as well. I am getting

      where are you seeing these?? in the referrer field??

      > Warning: Truncating oversized referrer field

      TTBOMK, there's really only so much of the referrer field that webalizer uses... however, there have been posts with
      info on how to enlarge the buffer(s) and recompile webalizer...

      > On avg around 3000 times when running Webalizer daily via cron.
      > I am also seeing stuff like XXXX:+++++++ with a ton of ++++ but not as
      > many and I am not sure if that is a problem or not.

      this is generally due to users using some sort of anonymizing service or proxy to block the referring site they came
      from... on my site, i (try) to specifically block these with a rewrite rule in my apache... the rewrite rule basically
      redirects them to a page that tells them to stop blocking their referrer so that they will be able to access the site as
      intended... i've many pages that require they be accessed from internal urls and they are disallowed if accessed from

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