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3287Building Webalizer

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  • guy_merritt
    Jul 11 7:59 AM
      This may be the wrong place for this question since it's really more
      about linux, operating systems, etc. Still, maybe somone here will

      I always compile webalizer on a RedHat (Enterprise) server and, off
      and on, webalizer cannot find the gd library (although it, too, has
      been compiled). Sometimes the build works and other times it
      doesn't - there's no ryhme nor reason since I use the same script to
      do the install. I recently rebuilt the whole thing on a spare box it
      couldn't find the gd library.

      I have read and read - I put soft links to the gd install (located
      at /usr/src) in the webalizer directory, just above it, etc. I then
      compiled the gd library at /usr/lib, /usr/include, etc. I even
      compiled it inside the webalizer directory. It's comical - the gd
      library is installed in almost every directory on my server - and
      webalizer still cannot find it.

      Any linux gurus out there that could give me a clue?

      Like I said - may be the wrong place for this question, but, who


      Guy Merritt