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3283Re: [webalizer] Re: No valid records found, for some virtual sites

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  • Bradford L. Barrett
    Jul 2, 2005
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      There are realy only 3 reasons why you get 'no valid records found';

      1) Trying to process an invalid log file. Caused by specifing the wrong
      filename for the log file to use. An indication of this is the totals
      (at the end of processing) showing a huge number of 'bad' records.

      2) There really were no records found. Caused by either trying to process
      an empty log file, or if using incremental mode, trying to process a
      log file that does not contain any new records since last processing.

      3) There is a configuration error that causes all records to be ignored.
      An indication of this is in the totals (at the end of processing)
      showing a huge number of 'ignored' records.

      From what you write, it would seem that #3 above would be the culprit.
      Examine your config file for obvious errors (or send a copy here so
      others might look).

      On Sat, 2 Jul 2005, mtsu_charlie wrote:

      > Hello;
      > That was a great idea to help get to the root of the problem. The
      > problem is not the log files because if I replace a working one with a
      > nonworking one, it works (and vise-versa).
      > There is nothing unusual about the paths:
      > /home/wynonna/logs/access_log
      > /home/ilovewink/logs/access_log
      > any other ideas?
      > thank you so much for helping!
      > -charlie

      Bradford L. Barrett brad@...
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      The only thing Micro$oft has done for society, is make people
      believe that computers are inherently unreliable.
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