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  • Gary Lee
    Jul 1, 2005
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      Hi, excuse my ignorance but I have very little knowledge of how
      Webalizer works. I have a website which has been set up for me by a
      friend. I have a copy of Dreamweaver and when looking at the site
      files I saw some webalizer files. I worked out that I could look at
      the site results by looking at the index.htm page and the other .htm
      pages for more specific data.

      The other day I wanted to update my local copy of the site so I used
      the 'synchronise' command on Dreamweaver and put 'synchronise entire
      site' and 'get newer files from remote'. It changed and deleted
      various files and I expected the local site to now be the same as
      the remote site. However when I tried to check the Webalizer data,
      all the historic records seemed to have gone. Although the records
      still go back to Aug 2004 the info is nonsense (very low levels of
      hits etc) and bears n oresemblance to what it used to.

      I was wondering what I have done wrong (or if something else has
      happened) and if I can 'get back' my historic data. I have read the
      online manual but as a novice I can't work out if there is anything
      I can do or where the historic data is stored.

      Thanks for any help you can give me on this.
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