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3219RE: [webalizer] Problem with running webalizer as cron job

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  • Edward Chase
    Apr 27, 2005
      I only run it as a cron.  I certainly don't hand process my logs in the middle of the night.
      It looks to me that Bradford was simply pointing out a possible error in the way the cron job was setup.
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      So, I can't run webalizer as a cron job? To be honest, didn't catch the hint about how to fix the problem.
      Thanks in advance,

      "Bradford L. Barrett" <brad@...> wrote:

      > I worked around the problem we had with webalizer and put it in the
      > cron job queue. But while it works fine when I run it in from the
      > shell line, the cron job execution fails due to:
      > Webalizer V2.01-10 (FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE) English
      > Using logfile STDIN (clf)

      You cannot use STDIN as input when run from cron unless you take
      special care to pipe input to it (not recommended).

      > Creating output in current directory
      > Hostname for reports is \'uk5.valuehost.co.uk\'
      > History file not found...
      > No valid records found!
      > First I thought it was due the path to the log file since it was
      > given as:
      > ../../sitename/logs/www.acc_log
      > So I changed it to the absolut path:
      > /pub/home/sitename/logs/www.acc_log
      > so even if webalizer is not called from its directory it should
      > work. But still it works if I run it from the shell line, while the
      > cron job fails to find the history file.

      Has nothing to do with the history file.

      > I tried the server administrator, but the answer from them is just
      > ยค"#**...
      > What could this depend on?

      You have munged your logfile name, however you are passing it to the

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