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3193Countries suddenly don't resolve

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  • Guy Merritt
    Apr 11, 2005
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      I just rebuilt my Linux server and used some scripts I've got - and which I've used similarly numerous times before - to put it together.  This is on RedHat Enterprise but I can't see where the distibution would make any difference.
      The script actually copies my /etc/webalizer file into place as most of the virtual servers are already configured (and that just makes it simple).
      Anyway, suddenly the "Countries" portion is all green ("unresolved").  I've never had any problems with webalizer, at all, and this has me stumped.  My script actually copies am edited httpd.conf file to apache so virtually everything is the same as it always was in the past.  This problem is the same for all virtual servers.   And, oddly, webalizer is reading the logs just fine otherwise.
      I don't think I changed anything in httpd.conf but maybe I'm dreaming.  What could cause this?
      Thanks for any ideas....
      Guy Merritt
      Flint, MI
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