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3162Webalizer: Particular subdirectories + IgnoreSite possible?

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  • Le petit prince
    Mar 29, 2005
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      I'm afraid I have a rather special Webalizer problem.
      I have already asked on the XAMPP (= a server package
      including Apache 2.0.53) support forum, but
      unfortunately there wasn't anyone who knew an answer
      to this problem:

      I am running an XAMPP 14.1.2 (Win32)-server on a
      Windows XP Pro-machine that is entirely dedicated to
      web hosting for a couple of my friends. Everybody has
      his or her own subdirectory to publish web pages.

      Now I would like to provide everyone with individual
      access statistics for his or her own subdirectory. So
      far I was able to realize this by writing a few batch
      files. The only problem: I haven't found a way to
      exclude both access from local machines on the
      Intranet (I don't regard this as "real" traffic, hence
      it should be ignored) and to limit the statistics to
      one single subdirectory only at the same time.

      Originally I had intended to configure Webalizer like

      IgnoreSite localhost
      IgnoreSite 192.168.0.* (this is the internal address
      structure of my local network)
      IgnoreURL *
      IncludeURL /subdirectory of the user*

      Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work, Webalizer
      still lists all "sites" (= the surfer's provenience)
      as soon as the subdirectory gets included to the data
      by the IncludeURL command. :-(

      Question: How can I apply IncludeURL without preceding
      IgnoreSite-entries being ignored? Is this possible at

      Thank you very much!

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