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3140Re: [webalizer] Help me understand Webalizer , pls !

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  • waldo kitty
    Mar 16, 2005
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      p_d_burton@... wrote:
      > <quote>
      > ...
      > ok...
      > ...
      > quite easily... it counts the criteria needed...
      > ...
      > the source code is the final solution...
      > </quote>
      > Pardon me if this is off-topic, but haughty, obtuse answers are not very conducive to information-sharing.

      i don't know where you buy your answers from but mine don't come with hauty and obtuse... i have to add that... the
      above is definitely not hauty or obtuse and i fail to see how you came up with that attitude when no attitude was
      expressed at all...

      when it comes down to plain bare facts, the above answer(s) are just like a bikini... they are short and to the point...
      they answer the original question(s), too! ;)

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