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  • sracicot@nhbis.com
    Feb 4, 2005
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      Exit pages will not tell you much. It will tell you what page your visitor
      last left, however not much else.

      To really understand your visitors you need to know what path they took
      throughout their visit and what sections/pages they visited. Then you
      would be able to update/modify the site to cater to the most people. And
      also learn what improvements that need to be done.

      Generally, you need to look at alot more than what webalizer can provide.
      You would need a more sophisicated method of understanding your traffic.
      2 tools that I highly recommend, for advanced analysis, would be Urchin
      and WebTrends.

      With these 2 tools you would be surprised as to what you can learn.


      > Hello:
      > I work in a mid-size public library and we use
      > webalizer for our site which gets about 3000 visits a
      > day. The director of the library is interested in
      > using the 'exit pages' visit figures in order to try
      > and determine what parts of the site are being used.
      > His theory is that entry pages don't tell us much as
      > most people enter through the homepage. And total hits
      > he seems to dislike on principle - hits he considers
      > meaningless and will only consider 'visits'.
      > I, however, am concerned that exit pages as a measure
      > of overall usage is not a lot better - why does last
      > page viewed have to do with what parts of the site
      > patrons are using? I realize there may be some
      > correlation, but I think it is misleading as well
      > because there may be other parts of our site which
      > only have internal links (eg, no way to 'exit') which
      > are well used, but will of course not show up in the
      > exit stats.
      > Ideas? Do you simply use total hits as the best
      > indicator of which pages are being used the most?
      > tx, Greg
      > Burnaby Public Library
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