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3072Re: resurrect January?

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  • jd_314159
    Jan 11, 2005
      The history used to generate the home page is stored in
      webalizer.hist (open it to see what it looks like - it stores last 12
      months' worth of data). Last month's state is stored in
      webalizer.current (that is where all data is summed up for each URL,
      IP address, etc), as well as the current timestamp (everything prior
      to this timestamp is ignored). You should be able to recreate your
      stats by manipulating these files.

      * Make a copy of your existing stats!!! Heck, make two copies, just
      in case :)
      * Do January 2004 with an empty output directory: -o empty-dir
      * If you ever need to do this kind of thing for a month within last
      12 months (_not in this case_), open webalizer.hist and replace the
      mathing line in your old webalizer.hist with the one just generated
      * copy generated stats for January 2004 into the old stats directory
      * delete webalizer.current from the old directory and process all
      January 2005 logs again.

      This should do the trick.


      --- In webalizer@yahoogroups.com, Brian Quinn <brian@a...> wrote:
      > here's my issue. i don't care if it takes some manual labor to do
      > We keep our webalizer stats for each year since 2001. I screwed up
      and the
      > first few days of 2005 ran, and overwrote my Jan 2004 stats. I
      still have
      > my January 2004 log files, along with most of the year, but i
      > September, so i can't just re-run the whole year. Is there a way
      i can
      > run just January, then somehow drop the other months on top of it,
      > just re-run December to update the images?
      > Thanks
      > Brian
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